Charcuterie… Are you as obsessed as I am?!

Charcuterie boards have become such the way to entertain these days, more than ever before. Tossing everything onto a board, keeping the dishes on the lighter side, who wouldn’t love to create one?! And, if your anything like me and love to take things to the next level, they become even more addicting! I love getting into the holiday spirit with them.

Accommodate all of those taste buds (sweet, salty, sour) save yourself some dishes, and just have fun with these things! I know I do!! Here’s just a few of my own..

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  1. angie harty Harty says:

    I love my cheese boards. my fiancé made me a few of them all different sizes and I get so excited when I get to use them.

    1. mugsielee says:

      Awe.. Right?! They really are fun to do 🙂 So sweet of your husband too!!!

  2. Mart says:

    Love this!!!

    1. mugsielee says:

      Thanks!! Happy Charcutering!!

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