I’ve been to Arizona quite a few times visiting friends. I’ve been there during our winter months here in Jersey, where the weather out there is gorgeous, and I’ve also been there in the month of August where I have experienced that scorching heat! Its really not that bad though! Isn’t that what they all say? It’s the dry heat?? But I must say, I was amazed that at 110 degrees, I wasn’t sweating. Or is it that it’s just sooo hot that the sweat evaporates the moment it reaches the surface of your skin? I’m gonna have to go with that one. Having no humidity though is certainly a plus!! At night, the sky in the desert is just beautiful. I saw a shooting star that looked like the full moon shot across the sky that’s how big it looked. Unlike us here in Jersey, we experience what looks like a speck of dust here and there. Arizona is also a great location to visit multiple destinations within a week. When I visit AZ, I stay with friends in Phoenix. I’ve taken a road trip with them to Vegas for a weekend, which was about a 4-5 hr drive. Another time I went to the Grand Canyon, which was about 3-4 hr drive. Watch out for rattlesnakes!!! And the last time I visited, I drove to Sedona which is only a 2 hr drive. Sedona is beautiful! Arizona is just a fantastic trip to take if you would like to go ahead and explore some of the desert life… My advice (and everyone else’s I’m sure) go in the winter!!

I think this cactus may be sending subliminal messages!!
A bit of Disney maybe???
Doing a Jeep tour in Sedona was really lots of fun!! I recommend it 100%
There are different types of trails to take with experienced drivers. You learn along the way the old west history that some of these trail have! Great fun if you are in the Sedona area..
Cool place to visit to get a feel of the old wild west!
Chapel of the Holy Cross – an architectural landmark in Sedona. So serene..
Some yummy prickly pear cactus ice cream! Perfect when walking around in those scorching hot temps!!