A few years ago, I took a Norwegian cruise to Bermuda. This was my 1st (and only) time I had taken a cruise. My thoughts on cruises, try to experience at least 1 in your lifetime. It is amazing to see what these huge ships have to offer. Just like escorted tour companies, it’s another good way to get a glimpse of destinations that you may want to go and visit again! You can find great deals on cruises too! If I ever did go on a cruise again, I would like to try a European cruise or an Alaskan cruise. Cruising is not for everyone (including myself) but, like I said, certainly experience it!!

I’m glad I chose to cruise to Bermuda. It’s so beautiful with its pink sandy beaches! There’s lots to do and see around the island, safely! Museums, crystal caves, city of Hamilton which has lots of shops and restaurants. I didn’t ride the scooters but I do know people who have and sounds like an adventure to consider! Great place overall..

Cruising: Seeing how many different kinds of fruits you can drink out of..
My ships bigger than yours!
City of Hamilton
They aren’t called Bermuda shorts for nothing!
A view from a hotel that, unfortunately, I wasn’t staying in..