Cancun is a beautiful tropical vacation! Aren’t they all?!? I stayed at the Panama Jack Resort with a traveling co-worker of mine. Its an all-inclusive, newly renovated. The service was excellent. Most of the time spent at an all-inclusive goes like this.. Eat, drink, sleep. Then the next day, sleep, eat, drink.. This is how it should be! This type of vacationing is meant for that well needed, well deserved, R&R!

Beauty of Cancun
Nice moon shot back at the resort!

Aside from soaking in some sun and going for tequila tastings, try to squeeze 1 day in to go visit Chichen Itza. It’s an ancient city built by the Mayans. It really is a spectacular sight to see!! It’s about a 2 and a half hour drive from Cancun. Our tour bus picked us up right at the hotel and off we went! It was a full day, but worth stepping outside that box of drinking, eating, and sleeping for a bit… Oh, and beware! There are gigantic iguanas everywhere. They do keep to themselves, but they may startle you. They blend in so you may not realize you’re sitting next to one until a few minutes later!!

Chichen Itza – An ancient city built by the Mayans. One of the most visited archeological sights out there
Hold your arms as straight out as you can. That’s about the length of these iguanas!!! Not exaggerating…