Eastern State Penitentiary


I was told years ago by someone that I needed to go and check out this old penitentiary in Philadelphia. Trying to not sound like a lunatic, I asked a friend of mine if they wanted to go with me. That was over 15 years ago and I’ve probably been there about 7 times since then! The place is amazing! There’s so much history to it! I’ve brought different people with me every single time I’ve gone just to show them how fascinating this place is! Philly is maybe an hour and a half to almost 2 hour drive from my area. It’s really not that bad. In it’s day, Eastern State housed a lot of old time criminals like Al Capone.

Al Capones cell. They added touches to it so that you get an idea of how luxurious he actually lived in prison.

It’s been in a few movies too. It takes up a couple of blocks in Philadelphia. It’s huge! You can choose an audio tour or with a guide. Great day trip! No matter how crazy you may sound if you ask “want to go to a penitentiary?” You’re gonna love it!

Top and bottom floors of prison
Original barber cell

Don’t forget to get a Philly Cheesesteak!! Who will be you’re favorite?!? Pat’s or Geno’s?? Hmmm