Florida.. Well, what can I say about Florida. I’m sure about 95% of us has been there at some point whether as a child going to Disney World or maybe the go to place for spring breakers? I myself have been to Florida quite a few times. I’ve visited friends in Hollywood Florida, I’ve been on the gulf side, of course Disney and pretty much all around.

My most recent visit to Florida was in 2016 (which is starting to not sound so recent anymore) and was my favorite one of all. I went with some family members and the trip was more of an exploration rather than just plopping ourselves on the beach every day and calling it a day. Not that there is anything wrong with that… We stayed in Miami for the week.

My choice of breakfast from our hotel.. My typical Lox and Bloody Mary! Yummmm
Our hotel was only a few steps away from the famous Fountainbleu hotel. We decided to take a walk there, spend about $30 on one cocktail, all with the hopes of seeing the rich and famous at the bar! Well, no sightings, but we got to play pretend anyway…

Of course we did a lot of R&R but we also did 2 big day trips as well. We took a 2 hour boat ride over to the Bahamas (Freeport) which was a really nice ride. Sipping on some cocktails, both ways. Its definitely worth doing if you are staying in Miami and looking for day trip to do.

Freeport Bahamas, as pretty as expected!!

Another thing we did throughout the week was take a bus to Key West. This was quite the (maybe 3-4 hour) drive, but again, a nice one! The bus was comfortable. If you are all about visiting multiple locations and “getting it in” while you are vacationing somewhere like I am, then the 4 hour drive will seem worth it. While there, why not?! I got to check Key West off the list and can now move on to other places I need to see!!

Of course we have to let everyone know that Cuba is only 90 miles away!!
I like to think the closer to Cuba you are, the better the Cuban sandwich tastes!