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My sisters Halloween Party theme this year was scary movie characters. Thinking of a scary character appetizer, I thought making Pinhead would be fun! I had seen online similar heads used with meat but since Pinhead was white, I needed to use cheese!! With pieces of meat underneath of course. Next to it is a gruesome, but tasty, foot. It’s made with only the best… Prosciutto, mozzarella, roasted pepper drizzled with a balsamic glaze. I had an empty board by the end of the night 🙂
Who doesn’t love spinach dip!?! Maybe not with a spider in it, but you would if the spider was made out of eggplant and olives!!
Just a simple mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto hand!
Who wants some cherry pie?


Charcuterie Cabins
Now that’s a cookie tray! Italian S cookies, black bottoms (little chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese) Lemon butter cookies, and filberts (nutmeg and cinnamon bars with nuts and chocolate chips). My mother ALWAYS sprinkled the tray with powdered sugar and topped it off with Hershey Kisses.
Can’t have a holiday without Strufoli! Aka honey balls..


Pizza rustica, Pizza Gaine, Italian Easter pie.. Call it what you want, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s beautifully loaded with all kinds of Italian meats and cheeses!!! Delish!
Pizza Rustica in lattice form
Mini ricotta pies
I cannot take credit for this, but I can’t NOT add it!! My sister makes the lamb cake every year with my grandmothers ancient mold. Comes out great!!
My sisters and I (all the way to the left) with the OG lamb cake!

St Patrick’s Day

All things green at my sisters!! Not a bit of Irish but O’talians forever!
Shepard’s pie in potato form
Lemon butter cookies with golden nugget chocolates
“Black bottoms” – Rich min chocolate cupcakes with green dyed cream cheese and chocolate chips with pots of gold!


Red, white, and blue salsa.. Chopped locatelli cheese, tomatoes and blueberries (yes, blueberries) surprisingly delicious combination!!!
Patriotic Charcuterie
God Bless America “S” cookies!
Simple and sweet…

Valentines Day

Cupcakes my mother used to send me to school with since my birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day!
Because I make S cookies in EVERY theme