Massachusetts has just so much history to it, I really wouldn’t know where to begin!! My advice, go follow the 2.5 mile Freedom Trail through the city of Boston! Hey, it’s a start… I have family in Massachusetts so I’ve taken quite a few trips up there. Probably not as many as we would have liked since it’s a 4 hour drive and all, but, we’ve managed!! So, Boston is a fantastic trip! Don’t forget to get some goodies at Faneuil Hall & Quincy Market. It’s a great place for shopping and fabulous food! As my Uncle would suggest (Eh hem, him being a die hard Yankees fan living in the land of Red Sox) go and check out Fenway Park!

Enjoyed delicious oysters with family!

Salem is another favorite part of MA for sure!! Being such a fan of Halloween, how can it not be?! Though the city does focus mostly on witch trials and such, it is still a fun place to walk around in the fall time and explore.

Let’s not forget Cape Cod! The “Arm” of the state. Provincetown (the fist of the arm) has really good seafood from what I remember, but then again, I love ALL of New England seafood. Hyannis Port (the tricep?!?) is of course home to the Kennedys, but it’s also the port I’ve taken over to both Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard (about an hour or so for each by speed boat).

Me playing paparazzi outside the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port – sightings… Zero

Martha’s Vineyard is a great place to visit. Fabulous chowder!! I recommend eating it at Martha’s Chowder Company while sipping a Moscow mule. Martha’s Vineyard was also the filming location of JAWS!! As for Nantucket, you cannot get more nautical than this. I took a tour of the entire, boomerang shaped, island and it was fantastic! There were some celebrity summer homes we drove past. Lots of cranberry bogs, windmills all over the place. They use a certain type of shingle on their homes and all of the building must match or it isn’t allowed. I had a delicious $45 lobster roll (I don’t think I’m exaggerating either). It’s definitely worth visiting both of these Islands.

Lots of windmills throughout the Nantucket tour
Only kind of shingles that are allowed in Nantucket…

One last part! Fall River, MA.. So, we are no longer in the arm, maybe just outside of it. It’s the home of Lizzie Borden. Her house is actually a bed and breakfast now. I have not stayed there but I did tour through the home. It was certainly an interesting sight to see…

Lizzie Borden’s house!! Yikes! Look out….