Monmouth racetrack is more than just a place to bet on horses. In my family, it’s an annual outing. Since I was a baby, our family would pack coolers full of Grandma Martino’s meatball sandwiches (beer too) and head to Monmouth for the day! They have a picnic area where all you pay is just a few bucks for the day. It’s a great place for a reunion too! You don’t have to bet on horses to enjoy yourself. There’s all kinds of festivals always going on! My dad is the betting pro. He’s learned from his dad. He enjoys that one day of the year we choose to go to the track. He’s been doing it every year practically his whole life! We will continue the Martino tradition forever..

Those Grandma Martino meatball sandwiches I mentioned (my sister makes them now)
Dad in his betting zone! Only $2 a bet! He’ll do $4 if he’s feeling really lucky…
Picnic area
Me having fun at the track and coming in 1st place