Rhode Island

This is my most favorite state in the U.S. There isn’t much to Rhode Island, as we all know, it is the smallest state. I think that’s what makes part of it my favorite. It’s small, simple, and pretty. The other part of it that I love is the nautical feel to it all.

Newport, is in my opinion, the perfect get away. Theres a marina with cobblestone streets, great food and lots of little shops. There are beautiful mansion tours just a quick drive away from the marina. I did a movie tour one time where they drive you around to locations where movies were filmed, they stop, play a portion of the movie so you can see what they are talking about and then move on to the next location. That was something different to do! They drove to portions of Newport that I hadn’t seen before so i loved it!

The Mansions are a must see. I liked “The Elms” mansion tour the best as you get a behind the scenes look at how the servants of the house lived.

One of the many mansions!

Cliffwalk is something that should be seen even if you can’t walk it that far. It’s considered a hiking trail but really doesn’t get rugged until a few miles in. It’s at least a 6 mile walk, but of course you can turn around at any time! I have done the whole walk and it does get pretty intense at some spots towards the end. Cliffwalk is a path with the ocean on one side and grassy fields with mansions on the other side. It really is a peaceful walk. You hear the waves crashing down on rocks the whole time! How can it not be peaceful!! Go ahead and take a few steps into it and see what you think.

Me, not so sure how much further I could go on Cliffwalk..

I recommend going to Newport in the fall time. Avoid this place in the summer and certainly around St Patrick’s Day, as they have pretty wild parades and parties there from what I hear!! The fall is the calmest time. They have great haunted tours through the cobblestone streets. Newport was actually more of a brothel scene with pirates apparently before the rich moved on in! There’s a great old bar called The White Horse Tavern EST 1673. It’s one of the oldest in the country and right across the street is a bed and breakfast called the Jailhouse Inn.

Great food, terrific atmosphere!

The Jailhouse Inn is very clean and newly renovated. They offer nice breakfast every morning. It used to be an old jail. They still have some bars on doors and at the front desk too. It’s where the dispatcher sat! Pretty cool history to this place! I tell everyone here in Jersey, if you are looking for some place only a few hrs away for a long weekend, check out Newport. You will not be disappointed, I promise!

Jailhouse Inn front desk