Rockefeller Center

Christmas in New York City should be something everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. Though the city is always hopping no matter what time of day or day of the week, try to go on a weekday (obviously during Xmas break if with children). My family and I like to go every year and enjoy the nutcracker feel to it all.

Nieces, nephew and nutcracker!
The tree may seem disappointingly small when you see it (especially coming from North Jersey) but my sister, nieces, nephew and I still find it exciting!!
Famous big balls!
Ok, may not be the real queen, but we had to have some fun at the wax museum!

This year, we had the pleasure of actually seeing 2019’s Rockefeller Centers Christmas tree being cut down and taken away for its journey to NYC! This was in Florida, New York. It’s part of Warwick (where my sister lives) and was only about 20 minutes from my house. Watching them take away the tree was just like a Hallmark movie! Glad to have experienced this!!

My dad and I watching them cut the tree. Where’s the hot cocoa?!
Certainly a tall sucker!
Taking her away.. Off to the city she goes (ok, or he)