California is such a gigantic state, you can’t see everything in 2 or 3 trips even. I’ve been out there multiple times, I have family out there, and I still can’t seem to make my way out of Southern California! In southern Cali, you have to see LA and get the whole Hollywood thing in at least once in your lifetime. It’s neat to see all of the studios, movie making, celebrity home tours, etc. Though I like to think I may have a little bit of paparazzi in me. My sister and I once drove around rodeo drive multiple times with the hopes of spotting somebody famous.. ANYBODY! But, nope. All we got to see was security standing outside every door with sunglasses and suites. It was fun though!

Stars.. Everywhere
The high hedges in front of everything makes it really impossible to take any pictures in Beverly Hills at all. I need to brush up on my paparazzi skills I guess
Make believe street set up in Warner Brothers studio
Love seeing these fake tv settings!

After checking out the Hollywood Hills and hopefully bumping into George Clooney, California beaches should be next on your list! Malibu is a very quiet area. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s the feeling I got from it. My kinda beach for sure! Santa Monica Beach has their famous peer and is more kid friendly with rides. Venice Beach (Muscle Beach) well, has people working out. There’s also a very creative type of action going on there too. Makes it a very interesting visit! Huntington Beach I was there at night watching fireworks but it looked like a great atmosphere for food and drinks too! LaGuna Beach is where my Aunt lives and is a very nice beach with lots of shops around too. Finally, La Jolla beach is part of San Diego where I have relatives as well. There are a lot of sea lions that hang out around there! That whole area is really beautiful.

Beautiful Malibu Beach
Santa Monica Beach
Route 66! Right at the world famous Santa Monica pier
Muscle beach.. Need I say more? 💪🏼
Huntington Beach at night. Watched 4th of July fireworks..
La Jolla Beach (part of San Diego)
La Jolla..
Surfer spotting in CA!!
Last of the beaches, Laguna Beach

Ok, so there’s your southern beaches that I’ve experienced.. Now, the desert! My aunt used to live in Palm Springs. There’s great shopping and it’s loaded with fabulous restaurants everywhere. Palm Springs really is pretty. I’ve also been to Joshua Tree State Park. It’s loaded with weird looking cactus type trees. Good day trip to do. Date shakes are a big thing too in the desert. Keeps you cool that’s for sure!!

From beach to desert just like that!
Date shakes popular in the desert and very tasty
Joshua Tree State Park – Funky looking trees!

Finally, the most northern I’ve been in Cali was driving from the LA area up to Sequoia National Park. It was about a 4-5 hour drive but, my gosh, was it worth it!!!! 1st as your driving up this gigantic mountain you don’t see any big trees, just normal size trees. Then, all of the sudden you start to pass these tree trunks that I can’t even explain how wide they are!! The trees pine cones are as long as my forearm if that helps! It really is an amazing day trip. If you are in Southern California on vacation and want to get away from the glitz and glamour, beaches and the hot desert… Take the drive to Sequoia National Park for a breath of fresh air! You won’t be disappointed…

Sequoia National Park – Massive trees!!!!!!
Amazing view at Sequoia Park. A breath of fresh air!
Just because I needed to throw some food in here.. California artichokes, I’m not even exaggerating, might be the size of my head