Meatball Shop

Probably my MOST favorite place to eat. There are a handful of Meatball Shop locations throughout the city. I usually go to the one on Stanton Street (Lower East Side) or in Chelsea. It’s such a unique place to eat. It’s obviously focused on meatballs. They are perfectly sized. Enough to still allow you to fill up on their creamy polenta (my recommendation) or any of their other delicious sides to choose from too. Their menu goes like this.. You pick a ball (Pork, beef, chicken, veggie) then you pick your sauce (marinara, Alfredo, pesto) then you choose a side or 2 as well. They also have fantastic smashed meatball sandwiches!! It’s a great atmosphere, great balls and beer!! A must try..

One step closer to those balls and beer when I see this sign!!
Love this..
On top, pork meatballs with a spicy marinara. On the bottom, my favorite combo, chicken balls with pesto sauce. Both accompanied by a rich and creamy polenta. Delicious