Why Hungry Melly?! The name is in honor of my sister Michele. She was the hungriest, but yet most petite, person that I knew. Michele loved any type of food. She was just so full of love, life and laughter. Cheers to you Melly! This sites for you….

My sister Michele was born with Downs Syndrome. She led a very active life and lived at home for 48 years. She attended a day program daily after graduating high school, which was full of activities. In her early childhood, she participated in the Special Olympics and went away to sleep over camps as well. My parents made sure she lived her life to the fullest. She was a very loving person who could melt the coldest heart with her winning smile. She was the oldest of us 3, me being the youngest. I like to tell people that she taught my other sister Roseanne and I more than she’ll ever know! She taught us love & compassion, laughter, responsibility… Everything!! We are who we are today because of our big sister, Melly. Michele has been putting smiles on faces since 1971.

Well, maybe frowns too since 1971 😂
There’s that super duper smile!!
Melly just loved her weekly therapeutic horse rides with her peers, always a smile xo

Sadly… October 9th, 2019 my sister had passed away from an illness. She was 48. She was the most amazing person in this world who touched your heart even if you didn’t know her for more than a second! Everyone knew my sister and remembers the moment that they met her, even if it was just a brief moment. She’s unforgettable and remains in our hearts forever. We miss you tremendously Melly xoxo

Miss you much my sweet sister xo