And just like that… From farm to fright!

If you had asked me a year ago, I never would’ve thought that I’d be standing in an old shed every weekend in October for Halloween, dressed as a farmers housewife, covered in blood. I’ll explain that in a bit…

My October weekends

The Farm… About 2 years ago, my sister told me her and my brother-in-law bought a 54 acre farm with a big barn. I was shocked by this news because they had both been (and still are) working in the corporate world of cellphone towers for years! My reaction was “farming?! Huh???”. But, I was also extremely excited for them just randomly taking on this new (pretty hefty) chapter in life…

The barn

The barn is from the early 1900’s. It was an old dairy farm. It’s located in Pine Island, NY. It’s got some fascinating history! 2 of the 54 acres are Indian burial ground. This information has been confirmed by archeologists who have researched the entire acreage of the farm in the past. There was evidence of human remains of a Native American that was found, along with their location on the property. It’s all documented in these awesome archeological books that my sister has about the property. There are some sections of the farm where arrow heads can be found. There is also a swampy area which flows through portions of the fields and is noted to have been the way Native Americans had traveled in their canoes throughout the entire Warwick Valley, NY region.

A swampy section of the field.. Old Native American route?

With all of this rich Native American history, it only seemed appropriate for my sister and my brother-in-law to name the property “Thunderbird Farms”. Thunderbird is a powerful Native American symbol. The symbol meaning differs according to region and tribe. This legendary bird is symbolic of things like life, truth and energy. It is considered a powerful sign of destiny….

Thunderbird Farms
500+ year old tree

When they purchased this property, they knew the potential it had. They knew they wanted to eventually use the barn for events and to rent it out to anyone looking for a place for weddings, parties, etc… The barn itself will be getting a slight indoor makeover, like new floors and anything else it needs to “freshen up” but yet, still keeping it rustic and as original as possible.

Christmas card quality

Along with their future plans of holding events inside the barn, they also needed to get into the agricultural aspect of it all too! When they 1st purchased the property, it needed work, a lot of it… I instantly was willing to give a hand, along with some of their close friends too.

My sister digging deep in the dirt, proud sister moments….
Team work
Team work
And more team work…
Me on the right with my niece… A great way to get those teenagers up and moving!
How I ended most of my days…

After months of ripping out tons of weeds, rolling away lots of old tires, lifting some of the worlds heaviest wooden pallets and digging up some trenches… I was almost starting to feel like I was taking weekly CrossFit classes! I actually felt fantastic! Finally, after all that clean up, then came the fun stuff. The planting and the partying!

Soy bean fields
Indian corn and pumpkins
Me posing with the Indian Corn because it was the same color as my shirt!
My brother-in-law Jayson, my sister Roseanne and myself unwinding! Cheers!

The farm has come a long way in such a short amount of time! We even celebrate outdoor holidays there now too!

4th of July with my dad and my sister
My dad and my nephew on the 4th just chillin, looking over the fields. It’s a very peaceful setting too. Tranquil…

Now, moving over to the darker side of things… The fright! About 2 months ago, my sister calls and says “I’ve been approved 10 days in October by the township to be allowed to do a haunted trail through the barn for the public!”. There it was, that feeling all over again. That feeling when she 1st told me 2 years ago that she bought a farm… I was shocked! Yet again, super excited for what was yet to come! Now it was crunch time to turn this farm into a fright fest for all to enjoy!

The darker side of things..

My family has always been a fan of Halloween…

Ahhhh those good old creepy plastic 80s costumes! My sisters and I (strawberry shortcake)

My mom had such a love of Halloween, it’s certainly why my sister and I love it so much! She’d dress up for work each year… She loved to watch all those classic slasher movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween. She would laugh at them! She was a joyful lady who just loved life and living on the edge. I miss her dearly and I know her and our sister Melly (who was also a huge fan of Halloween) are out there in that haunted trail somewhere, just cackling away at all of the scaring that’s going on!

My mama! Dressed up as a bunny at work xoxo
And of course Melly! She would be loving all of this xoxo
Me and my many characters throughout the years..

When my sister had told me about this haunted trail that they had to create, I of course, yet again, instantly sprung into action! This project could not be more up my alley! There’s this old, oblong shaped shed that sits on the property. When they said they wanted to make the outside trail run up along the shed, I instantly knew this shed was where I belonged. I offered and said “let me deal with the shed decor!”. Of course, a bloody kitchen theme came to mind! I thought I’d dress up as a dead farmers housewife and turn this shed into a slaughterhouse!

I hung up washcloths, eventually made them bloody looking
This is how visitors view the shed as they approach it.
This is what visitors see as they look into my window… I hung up all kinds of eerie props! Battery operated flames everywhere and a smoking sauce pot too! I like to stand behind it all, bashing away at dough with my mallet.
This is what I see as I’m looking out!
Scarers throughout the trail, popping in to say hi! My niece Hayley, my outdoor partner in crime ❤️

After walking through the trail, you pass a few photo ops! Whose not looking for selfies these days??

Lit up wings along the side of the barn!

From there, through the haunted barn you go… What happens inside that barn, stays inside that barn 👻

Enter at your own risk!

As you come out of the barn, you can hang and shake those nerves off with some food and a beverage!


What’s really the purpose of me posting about this place, is the way our family and friends came together as one. There were so many “what if’s” that my sister asked herself, as anyone would when opening up a business! “What if it doesn’t work? What if nobody comes by? What if? What if?” Well, it certainly has worked out! The haunted trail has been a big hit!! And, it’s only the beginning! There are so many more plans that they have in store for this place. I am so proud to be a part of it all and will be by their side every step of the way! Such fun we have too… I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come. I love my family ❤️

Haunted trail every weekend in October! Check it out 🎃

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi cousins love it all congratulations & lots of luck with the project so good to see the pictures U guys are a wonderful family think about Joanne often hi Raymond with Joseph Tina Roseanne & Jason good work & the girls hope to see you all real soon in the near future.God Bless You. sure Michele is loving it all.from above Stay in touch love that family❤😊😃😍🌺👍❤cousins RoseAnn Michael. Mark & the crew plus my Casey🐦❤

    1. tmartino says:

      Aww Thank you so much!! We have such wonderful cousins too, that’s for sure 🙂 Will be in touch soon! Hope all is well xoxo

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