New Jersey

Jersey is my home, born and raised. Some may say “sorry to hear that” but I just love it! I’m in more of a wooded area of NJ (Northernmost Passaic County) so I love that I get the pleasure of viewing some of NJ’s most beautiful foliage in the fall time. Yes, we get a lot of snow and cold winters but guess what, I love that too! I love all the seasons and I also love the fact that NYC and the ocean are basically within arms reach too. It’s great being able to just hop right in my car, take a 45 minute ride into the city if I wanted to. It’s also great being able to hop on the parkway, at the last minute if i wanted to, and head down the shore in just over an hour. . I am a Jersey girl at heart, and guess what, I’m ok with that!!

Jersey Shore

Grounds for Sculpture

Monmouth Park Racetrack