Just sharing a few of my favorite places to eat and drink! Cheers!

Let’s start with my most favorite place…

The Meatball Shop

When I see these signs, I know I’m only one step closer to those balls!!

There are a handful of Meatball Shop locations throughout the city. I usually go to the one on Stanton Street (Lower East Side) or in Chelsea. It’s such a unique place to eat. It’s obviously focused on meatballs. They are perfectly sized. Enough to still allow you to fill up on their creamy polenta (my recommendation) or any of their other delicious sides to choose from too. Their menu goes like this.. You pick a ball (Pork, beef, chicken, veggie) then you pick your sauce (marinara, Alfredo, pesto) then you choose a side or 2 as well. They also have fantastic smashed meatball sandwiches!! It’s a great atmosphere, great balls and beer!! A must try..

On top, pork meatballs with a spicy marinara. On the bottom, my favorite combo, chicken balls with pesto sauce. Both accompanied by a rich and creamy polenta. Delicious!

Bar Bacon

If you know me well enough, you know that I’m a huge fan of Bloody Mary’s! I heard about this place that had Bloody Mary flights in NYC (one in Hell’s Kitchen and Union Square) so, of course, I just had to go and try one! Their main focus is, well, bacon. It’s all over the menu. Bacon bites, bacon omelets, bacon tastings!! The food is delicious and the Bloody Mary flight was so worth the trip into the city!

Bloody Mary and Beer flights
Bacon sampler with different flavors

McSorley’s Old Ale House


A fantastic old pub!! The oldest “Irish” tavern in New York established in 1854. It’s also the longest running meaning, please correct me if I’m wrong, it stayed open during prohibition. McSorley’s is the pub I take everyone to visit! There’s so much history to this place. It’s located in the East Village. They only offer 2 types of beer (no mixed drinks or shots). There’s a light beer or a dark beer. When you order, 1 order of beer gets you 2 average size mugs. They can be pushy in there (goes with the package) so you’re supposed to drink them up fast! The atmosphere is just awesome and old. Houdini’s handcuffs are hanging in there as well! This place is a must see. Get an order of light or dark and a cheese and cracker platter (really, just your average saltines and cheese with hot mustard) and you’re good to go! Love, love, LOVE McSorley’s! Cheers!

Lining them up! Both light and dark at McSorley’s Old Alehouse 🍻
Cheers to friends! Old clippings on the walls
Cheers to family!
Cheers to more family!
And cheers to coworkers too! Cheers to all 🍻

Harry’s Oyster Bar

A great place to eat right on the Atlantic City boardwalk! It’s attached to Bally’s Casino. They have fabulous oysters, my favorite are the Cape May Salts. They have a deliciously fresh tuna tartare. Looking for some fresh seafood in AC, this is the place to go for sure! Don’t forget to get a Bloody Mary too! Extra spicy…

Those Cape May Salts!
Tuna tartare
Clam chowder and a Bloody Mary is a must!!


This is a rooftop restaurant inside of Eataly in NYC. The food and atmosphere are terrific! It has an Alps vibe to it. Nice and cozy with fireplaces. I had a delicious creamy fresh sage polenta with a flight of beer. Perfect pairing

Cozy setting
Fresh sage polenta. Soooo yummy!!

Of course, there are many more out there that I will surely share but for now, go out and explore these if you can! Enjoy! Cheers 🍻

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