Rockefeller Christmas Tree experience!!

What are your tree thoughts?? Recently, I witnessed a once in a lifetime ordeal. They cut down 2019’s Rockefeller Christmas tree 20 minutes away from my house and I was able to watch it! It felt like a Hallmark movie! The only thing that was missing was that friendly neighbor handing out hot cocoa… It was cut down in Florida, New York which is part of Warwick, where my sister lives. Some people may argue the fact that a 60 year old tree should not be cut for any reason whatsoever. Do I agree? Kind of, I mean, I totally get it. But, if people would stop smoking, using gasoline, so on and so on… I think that’s just as hazardous to the trees as well. So, why not put that tree into Rockefeller history! Go ahead, let it shine and sparkle in the spotlight!

My dad and I sharing the experience as she makes her way over to the Big Apple! Just assuming it’s a girl..

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