Being recognized by your peers. Are you a fan of Employee of the Month?! I know am!

This may be a bit off subject of food, travel and fun but, it does have to do with Melly in a way and I’ll tell you why. I work in the medical field and one day, a patient came in from a group home for an EKG. Apparently, he was a very violent individual who would try swinging at you if you went near him. As I had him sit in a chair to get this EKG done, he started swinging. My coworker and I backed up a bit. The gentleman that was with him, took his arms and held them to the side. I, apparently fearless, dived right in at that moment and did his EKG. My coworker was impressed by the way I had handled this situation. She was amazed by the control I had taken over at that moment so that this man could get his test done, where others may have given up.

A month goes by and one day odd things were happening in my department. My coworker, who seemed to be holding me hostage as I was grabbing my purse ready to go home, tells me I can’t yet. Then, a group of people come walking in. My coworker turns to me and proceeds to tell me the story about that violent man and how she admired the way I handled the situation and the way I handle every situation when it comes to a person with special needs. To me, I was just “doing my job” but then I realized, it comes natural to me. These are the things my sister Melly (though she wasn’t violent) taught me. That reaction I had, just comes naturally. It’s how I was raised!

They announced to me that I had been awarded “service star” of the month for my courageous actions that day. I must be honest and say, I’ve been at my job for 17 yrs, I had hoped to never be in this “service star” position, as I tend to get SUPER nervous when it comes to being in the spotlight. But, things weren’t so bad!!

After that, it all seemed to happen so fast. Next thing I knew I was getting my professional headshot taken, answering questions about myself, threatening family members that they better be there for the ceremony or else (just kidding, they GLADLY came and supported me). I was dictating on where I wanted my service star parking spot to be! I told them as far away as possible because I don’t like to park in 1st rows.

Then came the day… The “service star” ceremony. It’s very informal. Anyone throughout the hospital whose free to go for 20 minutes, joins in to hear the “service star” story and why they were nominated. After that, you get to enjoy some cake and coffee. I have to say, I’ve gone to plenty of these, but being the “star” really is a great feeling. Like I mentioned before, I’ve spent my time at these gatherings saying to myself “boy, I hope I’m never in the service star spotlight” but you know what?! I’m so glad I finally was!! What a great feeling, totally caught off guard by it all which made it even more special. Again, this was really the work of Melly. She’s why I am, who I am today..

Nominated cuz of this girl on the left!
The picture in the hallway that I’ve always wanted to avoid happening, but, felt pretty good when it did!!
My department/support system
Mi familia…

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