It’s that bloody obsession of mine…

Bloody Mary’s aren’t for everyone. If you can’t tolerate tomato juice, then obviously, it’s a no go. I never disliked Bloody Marys, I just never ordered them. Until one day on a flight to Cali with my father, he ordered one, and so did I.. From that day on, my choice of a brunch cocktail had changed forever!

On a plane, you’re lucky if you can get a speck of pepper into your drink. They literally give you just a can of V8 with a splash of vodka. It was still enough to turn me into an addict. That was years ago, boy how times have changed since then!! Having just olives and celery alone in a glass seemed spectacular to me. Now, they consist of practically a whole meal! The evolution of Bloody Marys…

Ok, so here you’ve got your classic Bloody Mary with the old lemon wedge and olive. I probably took the celery out of this one to protect myself from getting stabbed in the eye.
This one had some delicious pickled veggies with a slice of bacon.. Bacon starts to now make its way in there!
Some with peppers! Did I mention I love mine extra spicy?!
Now the cheeses start to creep in making me become even more addicted!!
Holy Moly!!! Now comes the chicken wings, ham and pork belly!?!? By far, the best!!!
A Bloody Mary flight?! Wait?! What?! Different types of tomato’s are now being used?! DELICIOUS!!

So, you can see the changes in these drinks over time with all of these pics of mine.. I’ve even stepped it up with my own concoctions throughout the years!

The basic “toss in a couple of olives” on the left to shrimp and cheese on the right!

One fun thing to do, a friend of mine did this for me, is to have a brunch with a Bloody Mary bar! These are big to do now too! Great idea for parties…

I must’ve stood here all day mixing up different choices 🤗

Now, I’ll admit, I probably can’t have more than 2. Tomato juice is heavy and depending on how intense the drink gets, 1 may even be just enough. If you’ve never tried one, give it a whirl, you may actually like it! And if you’re like me and like the heat, get it extra spicy….

My dad! The person I owe my Bloody Mary obsession too.. Thanks dad!

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