You know what’s good for the soul?! Participation. Trust me, you’ll feel good in the end…

As most of you know, I grew up with a handicapped sister. My oldest sister Michele (aka Melly) had Down Syndrome. She is the reason I started my “Hungry Melly” page. Not only because she was the hungriest (yet most petite) person that I knew, but, I felt I needed to do something just to be able to continue using her nickname “Melly”. It gives me a reason to be able to say her name out loud, though she is not present. And, what better way to say it than with a connection to food of course!

She is, and will forever be, Hungry Melly. My loving sister Michele. This post (and site) is dedicated to you my sweet sis. Miss you much xo

I obviously grew up in an environment where showing support was extremely important. Helping my sister with her needs, though she could be a tough cookie and liked to do things on her own too! She is the reason I am, who I am, today. I love to get out there and show my support for others. It’s very rewarding…

My family at Special Olympics years ago. My sister Michele (centered) participated throughout her school years numerous times! Basketball, being her favorite.

Every year, I like to look for some type of fun walk or 5K to participate in. Here’s just a few ideas for you, if you’re looking to get involved as well! In the past, I’ve participated in the NYC buddy walk. It shows awareness for Downs Syndrome, which I hold near and dear to my heart.

My sister Michele above (on the horse) and my nephew (my other sisters son) Joey on the bottom.
The buddy walk was quite the family affair in 2016!

Heart disease… It runs through my father’s side of the family (including him) so it means a lot to me to get involved in heart walks and wearing red for heart disease. I’m also in the cardiac field at work. There’s always some type of fundraising or involvement going on when it comes to our tickers!

Heart walks! Usually on a chilly October morning… with coffee in hand

Cystic Fibrosis awareness! Get out there and walk with those kiddies…

Joined dear friends of mine last year in showing support for their little loved one 💜💛

So, of course there are so many walks you can join for causes like cancer, autism, etc. There’s plenty of fundraisers that always have my support and donations. But, let’s not forget doing things for yourself as well! Test your skills and run through those muddy obstacle courses. Some that come along with a free cider in the end! Here’s a few that I’ve participated in. Doing these make you feel really good about yourself and all that you’ve accomplished within just a few hours. Get out there and get involved! You’ll be glad that you did…

Ahhh Mudderella, Tough Mudders lovely sister. Got that cider though! Well worth it in the end!
Get a team name and get the whole family involved!! Such fun..
Hard cider 5K was a tough obstacle, up and down very steep hills, through apple orchards. Was great fun though. I promise, I don’t only do these for the free cider..
Now, I mean, come on… Does this NOT look fun?! Bouncing around in this obstacle really was pretty challenging at times but super fun! I’d recommend the Insane Inflatable 5K to anyone!
Especially with friends…

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