My visit to the TWA Hotel (NYC)

Since traveling is pretty much at a stand still at the moment, I’d like to take this time to share with you one of the most unique places I’ve enjoyed visiting in the past.

A lot of times field trips are planned on a whim. I was at my aunts house one day and we were looking for something to do. I said “how about we go to the TWA airport hotel in the city?!” Her and my cousin agreed, and off we went! Forget about the rush hour traffic, driving over the bridge, paying a few tolls and paying about $25 to park at JFK airport for only a few hours! We were determined to make this happen! And boy, was I glad we did! This place is fantastic.. It was opened in 1962 and closed down in 2001. They took the old terminal and transformed it into a hotel. It’s connected to terminal 5 at JFK. Such a retro feel to it! If you’ve got the day to kill and want to see it at least once, then go for it! Well, when the time comes to be able to anyway…

Outside what used to be the terminal, is now the lobby
The terminal’s original departure/arrival board, restored with the letters still flipping!
Retro lobby
View of the hotel from the lobby (see the beds)
Bright and beautiful vintage uniforms. Museums throughout the hotel lobby too.
Outside the back of the lobby, there is an old TWA plane that has a bar inside!
My aunt and I heading up into the bar plane (of course)
Old, old cockpit inside the plane
Lounge inside the old plane
Made it to the bar where I was then able to sit in the original seats, pretending to take off ✈️
The hotel pool is right along the runway!
Enjoying yet another drink lounging around the lobby. There are restaurants with great food too!
Vintage stuff all over the place! Even cars! Fun times had by all ❤️

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