Grounds for Sculpture

With autumn just around the corner, there’s nothing I love more than being outside enjoying that crisp fall air. One outdoorsy place I think you’d enjoy going to this fall is Grounds for Sculpture.

This is a fantastic field trip! It’s located in Hamilton NJ (South Central Jersey). It’s a huge park with real life looking sculptures scattered everywhere. Every turn you take as you’re walking through the park, leads you to some type of incredible artwork. There is so much detail that goes into all of these sculptures, it’s amazing! Grounds for Sculpture is the perfect place to capture some great photos!! Go and explore!

Check out the details of all these sculptures! Her feet look so real!
This lady startled me when I came around a bush
Again! Detail!
There are also the GIGANTIC sculptures throughout the park. That’s me holding onto her leg
This guy startled me too!
They are all made of bronze
My friend peeking over his shoulder
Famous due in GIGANTIC form!
Fake, real looking people just standing around everywhere
It really is a beautiful park with water and trails everywhere
Hot dog anyone???

Of course I have many, many more pictures I would love to share, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun in going! This really is a great place for getting in those fun selfies too. Pack a lunch and enjoy the outdoors in the most creative fashion! You won’t be disappointed…

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