Looking for some interesting fall day trips near the tri-state area? I’ve got a few!

1) EASTERN STATE PENITENTIARY… Yes, let’s start with a prison. I was told years ago by someone that I needed to go and check out this old penitentiary in Philadelphia. Trying to not sound like a lunatic, I asked a friend of mine if they wanted to go with me. That was over 15 years ago and I’ve probably been there about 7 times since then! The place is amazing! There’s so much history to it! I’ve brought different people with me every single time I’ve gone just to show them how fascinating this place is!

Top and bottom floors of prison

In it’s day, Eastern State housed a lot of old time criminals like Al Capone.

Al Capones cell. They added touches to it so that you get an idea of how luxurious he actually lived in prison.

It’s been in a few movies too. Ghost hunters have been here. It takes up a couple of blocks in Philadelphia. It’s huge! You can choose an audio tour or with a guide. Great day trip! No matter how crazy you may sound if you ask “want to go to a penitentiary?” You’re gonna love it!

An overview just to give you an idea of how big it is! You can explore most of it, other parts, not so much for safety reasons.
Barber cell

It really is a great place to take some fun pictures too…

Original woodwork throughout the prison

Don’t forget to grab a Philly Cheesesteak when you’re done!! Who will be you’re favorite?!? Pat’s or Geno’s?? Hmmm

2) MUTTER MUSEUM… The Mutter Museum (college of Physicians of Philadelphia) is very interesting to see. I do not have pictures, as they do not allow it inside. If you are into medical history, artifacts and anatomical specimens then this place if for you! I am in the medical field, so when I first saw this place, l couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I was fascinated by the worlds largest colon and all kinds of things in jars! Ok, I don’t want to get to graphic here. I would not advise you to go though if you are not able to stomach such things. It’s not really gruesome, just very interesting. It can be very educational! Just another thing to do if you are in the Philly area!

PA in general is a great state to visit, especially in the fall with all of it’s beautiful foliage. Aside from all of it’s history throughout Philadelphia, take a drive through the Poconos as well! A beautiful countryside drive full of markets, candle factories and more! Go explore..

3) WATKINS GLEN, NY… This drive may be a bit of a stretch, depending on where you live, it would make for a great weekend trip as well! It’s in the Finger Lakes region. Again, another beautiful fall drive. It’s a fabulous place to hike and enjoy the sound of waterfalls! A very tranquil place to visit. Very “goonie” like too..

When I visited this whole area a few years ago, I did not realize how many wineries and distilleries there are around the Finger Lakes! On my drive back home, I must’ve passed 10 wineries a minute!! They say certain times throughout the year, as you’re driving around, the smell of grapes are in the air!

Just to give you an idea of how many are actually there!! A lot!

4) SLEEPY HOLLOW/TARRYTOWN, NY… One of my most favorite places to be this time of year is Sleepy Hollow. There are all kinds of things going on there, especially now. You have your night activities such as Blaze, which is a famous display of Jack O’lanterns. There are lantern cemetery tours. During the day, you can explore all kinds of mansions. Rockefeller is a fabulous one to visit! As you head north up the Hudson a bit more (Croton on the Hudson) you’ll see even more historical homes you can visit. I recommend them all!! Sleepy Hollow cemetery during the day is also a site to see. There are famous people buried there. Huge Mausoleums, bigger than you can imagine, that belong to the Rockefeller’s and some owned by other oil tycoons.

Rockefeller Mausoleum

Notoriously misbehaved business woman Leona Helmsley (aka Queen of Mean) has a mausoleum there with her husband Harry, owner of Empire State Building and then some.. Her mausoleum is extremely clean. They say it was in her will to have it cleaned from the inside out like twice a yr. The windows are sparkling.

Annual family trip to Sleepy Hollow

5) NEWBURGH, NY… Take a boat ride up along the Hudson! “Pride of the Hudson” is a company that leaves from Blu Pointe in Newburgh and stops at sites along the way like Washington’s Headquarter, Bannerman Island, West Point and more! It’s a relaxing ride you’ll enjoy for sure…

Me on the boat in front of West Point

6) HAMILTON, NJ… And don’t forget to check out Grounds for Sculpture that I mentioned in my last post! That’s a field trip must for NJ!

One of the many, many life size bronze sculptures scattered throughout the park.. So real looking! So detailed!
There are 30ft tall Bronze sculptures as well that are shuffled around to different locations throughout the U.S.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my recommendations here. Get out there and explore!! Safely of course! It’s good for the soul…

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