Next years gift idea… Personalize a cookbook!

Many of us have old recipe boxes full of oiled stained cards just sitting in our kitchen somewhere. Some of which you can barely read that have been passed down from generations! I know I’ve got quite a few… One day, I came across this website where you can create a personalized cookbook. You’ll have to check out the site for exact pricing. It provides nice and easy step by step instructions at an affordable price. It’s around $20.00 for up to 500 pages or so?! Of course I only had like 20 pages to start, but free copies too!! Get those old recipe cards into a book and call it a day! Just to give you an example, here’s one that I created a few years ago.

Cover photo I chose to use.. My grandma doing what she loved to do, and did it best! Cook!
You add your table of contents which would come in handy if you did have 500 pages!!! I added some of my moms and sisters treats into mine as well..
There’s a dedication page.. The cover of the book is plastic (flimsy type) but it’s easy to wipe. The pages as well.

They really do make great gifts!

I gave my sister a copy for Christmas 2 years ago and she absolutely loves it! It’s a great keepsake! Not only do you insert recipes, you can include pictures and tell your story about the recipes as well. The best thing about creating your own cookbook is not having to shuffle through a bunch of cards. Just grab the book and go!

Random pics I added throughout the book. Makes it even more meaningful! Grandma running in with groceries, looking quite happy about it too!
Of course you have to add pictures that go along with the recipes! Ricotta Pie
Typed it all in from the recipe card. It basically does the format for you! So easy!
The back of my book… Mi Familia ❤️

I also love the fact that I can now leave the original recipe cards alone, giving them a break from any more oil spills or being covered in flour. These cards have meaning to me. They have original writings on them from loved ones, some of who are deceased. These cards carry a special place in my heart and will now remain intact forever without me ruining them!

I’ve got much more to add to my cookbook but for now, I’ll let these guys rest!

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