Cooking traditional food… A big thanks to our ancestors!

Our ancestors are who made us.. They are the reason I love to do the things that I do. About 10 years ago, I started getting into searching on ancestry. I wanted to build a tree, see where all the “greats” came from. Of course, it wasn’t anything like it is today. There were no DNA lists. A lot of uncertainties. It was near impossible to even get past my grandparents!

My grandparents on the bottom row and all their parents on the top row. My tree has grown to about 500 people.

Building a tree today (like above) is much easier than it was 10 years ago. All these tree building websites now have a lot more information on our ancestors. More war records and naturalizations than ever before! And now with DNA lists added, these sites have made building your tree jaw dropping at times!!

My DNA results

I’ve connected with quite a few long lost relatives out there by just contacting them from the DNA list. There are people I’ve connected with who showed me pictures of my own family members!! It’s incredible! I am so fascinated with this stuff, and if you are too, then build a tree and start digging! You’ll be amazed at what you may find…

Keeping up with traditions is so important to me. Whether it’s food, gardening, going to a favorite spot of theirs to unwind. It’s a way of honoring those you love. Whether they are still with us or not, keep them going! Pass them on! You’ll feel good that you did…

We all have our own little things that we like to do to keep them going. What are yours? Think of starting some! Here’s a few of mine that I still keep up with and always will.. Enjoy!

My great grandparents… Married FOREVER!

To the 2 above…. I keep up with growing squash, just like my aunts do, in honor of my great grandpa Pete and I bake Italian “S” cookies to keep my great grandma Annie going!

Just me and squash (I know, I’m a mets fan 🙄)
I think I’ve made these S cookies for every single
celebration possible… Thank you Grandma Annie!

My grandma Teresa, well known for her sweets.. I keep up with her delicious black bottoms, made with chocolate chips and cream cheese. It’s cocoa mix which gives them that dark, rich chocolate flavor. She always made them for us, I now make them for her!

My beautiful grandma Teresa Giordano
Black bottoms… yummy!!!!!

My mother passed away over 10 yrs ago and if there’s anyone whose traditions I MUST keep up with, it’s hers… Or else!!! I’d be doomed 😟

My mom (left) and my grandma Teresa (right)
Italian Christmas Eve – We keep this tradition alive!!! All for my Mama!
How my mom plated cookies for the holidays, it’s why I plate them the same.
Tomato plants! I’d help my mom with every year, I still do them!
Cupcakes my mom made me every year for my birthday, I make them for myself 😂 Just can’t resist that pudding in the middle!

One last person I’ll need to mention is my grandma Albina. She was an amazing cook. I can still smell the sauce in her kitchen. Even when it wasn’t simmering 😂

My beautiful grandma Albina Martino
Her delicious ricotta pie… An Easter MUST!
Filbert sticks she always made which are hazelnuts, chocolate chips and a cinnamon/nutmeg flavor. The BEST with coffee!
Not the most appetizing shot there is, but, a huge tradition of hers was packing a cooler full of her meatball sandwiches and picnicking at the horse track once a year. We still do it ☺️

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